Religious tools  /  Paiwan
Period : 19th century  
/  Material : timber
L : 12cm , W : 3.5cm , H : 3.2cm

Legend has it that the Sun-deity came down to observe the human world during ancient times and left behind a gorgeous clay pot and two eggs at Kavulungan in Pingtung. He then ordered the hundred-paced viper (Deinagkistrodon acutus) to guard them after he returned to the celestial court.

After an unknown period of time, the eggs inside the clay pot incubated into two human beings under the radiation of the warm sun and became the ancestors of the Paiwan leaders, hence the Paiwan worship the sun and are proud to be the “Sons of the Sun”. The ancient clay pot and the hundred-paced viper are of sublime status as the former is regarded as the residence of their ancestors and the latter as their guardian.

This is an instrument used by sorcerers; the embossed sun, hundred-paced viper, and human face symbolize life, protection and ancestral spirits while the bright colors display an immense level of artistic tension.
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