Land-deity  /  Pepohoan
Period : 18th century  
/  Material : rock
L : 16.3cm , W : 14cm , H : 21cm

Pepohoan’s believe of Land-deity is originated from the Han nationality; the Han nationality is mostly farmers, who are in awe of and show gratitude to the land, and the worship ritual can be traced approximately back to the 11th century BC.

This sculpture is made by the Ketagalan in the Taipei area with local Beitou rocks; it is a piece of artwork with high artistic value that showcases the solidity and composure of the Land-deity through its rough and plain style.

It is a rare creation that combines two cultures.

Plow /  Pepohoan
Period : 19th century 
 /  Material : timber
L : 79cm , W : 7cm , H : 161cm

This is an extremely rare plow used by the Pepohoan in drought farmland; when compared to the plows of the Han nationality with no decorations, its smooth engravings and bright colors highlights the passionate and romantic nature of the Pepohoan.
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